Bags of Hope

Participate in our Bags of HOPE initiative, sponsored by Cargill.  Any individual or group (a family, business, church, community, or school organization) can participate and support a specific program at Catholic Charities.

Our Mission Advancement Team is happy to help you organize and develop a plan that works for your group. Please contact our Mission Advancement Office at 607-734-9784, or by clicking this ONLINE FORM to sign up.

  1. Catholic Charities staff will assist you by identifying the program(s) in most need, and will provide a list of the specific items that are in short supply.
  2. Let us know how many bags you would like to fill, how many participants you will have involve in the Bags of HOPE initiative.  Catholic Charities staff will check out that number of canvas tote bags to your group.  Inside the pocket in each bag, you will find a list of items that are most needed.
  3. Determine a start and end date for your Bags of HOPE project; typically a 3 week period.
  4. Identify where the filled bags will be collected by your grooup.
  5. Plan a time to sort all of the collected donations.  If you need assistance, Catholic Charities is at the ready to assist you in sorting.  Having like items in each bag makes it much easier to transfer to shelf stock.
  6. We are happy to assist you in making this project for your group successful.
    • We can provide you with brochures or other materials.
    • We are happy to provide a presentation to your group about how partnering with Catholic Charities in this effort impacts our community.
  7. Encourage others to donate or conduct a healthy competition among classrooms, departments, or teams is a good way to get people involved.
  8. Inform your participants of the overall success and impact of your Bags of HOPE project.
  9. Arrange a time with Catholic Charities staff to drop off your items at the preferred Catholic Charities’ location.  Let us know if you need assistance in transporting the sorted items to Catholic Charities.
Bags of HOPE

Bags of HOPE

Minimum online donation is $10. 

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